2023 Renovation – Scrap N’ Easel

Specialty Items

Scrap N' Easel, Magnetic Panels for Scrapbooking and Card Making

Scrap N' Easel, a proprietary Heinn Chapman product, was developed for the most dedicated scrapbookers in mind. Available in both single and double panel format, the ergonomic design allows users to work on their projects at different angles to reduce neck and joint pain after long hours spent at retreats, crop events and in the comfort of their own home. The Scrap N' Easel has been a popular item in the scrapping industry and also makes for a great gift.


  • Heat sealed construction utilizing black vinyl over 120pt chipboard
  • Clear vinyl corner pockets
  • Two-position easel stand sealed on back panel
  • Includes 1-2 tubes of neodymium magnets & magnetic ruler


  • Scrap N' Easel logo and grid pattern silk screened with white ink

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