2023 Renovation – Decoration Options


Screen Printing

We offer a range of screen printing services, including UV screen printing, air dry screen printing, plastisol heat-cured screen printing and water based ink screen printing. Our machines allow for flatbed printing and single-color cylindrical screen printing. We can print up to 4 colors at the same time.


Debossing & Registered Foil Stamp/Deboss

Debossing offers an elegant, textural appearance and can be applied to a variety of surfaces and materials. We utilize durable 0.25" magnesium dies for a clean and consistent impression from start to finish. A blind emboss creates a subtle contrast between the material surface and the stamped, debossed area. We also offer a registered foil stamp/deboss where we utilize the same die for both the deboss stamp and foil stamp, ensuring exact registration. Choose from a wide variety of foil colors and textures.


Traditional & Digital Foil Stamping

To be more accommodating to our clients needs, we offer both digital and traditional foil stamping. Digital foil stamping is a perfect option for adding custom names or logos at a cost-effective price point for shorter run projects. Whereas traditional foil stamping creates consistently beautiful results on longer runs. Choose from a wide variety of foil colors and textures.



For a premium, sophisticated look and feel, sewing can add that extra detail you're looking for. A sewn perimeter on a binder offers an upscale finishing touch as well as a durable construction method for a sample kit or presentation case.

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