Which Binder Will It Be?

variety-of-binders-heinn-chapmanThe first impulse of many buyers shopping for custom binders is to look to vinyl binders.  While vinyl binders are by far our most common product line, they are by no means the only choice available.  Other types of binders include poly binders, turned edge binders, and sewn binders, each with different features and advantages.

One way to choose the right binder is to look at how the binders will be used and who will be the targeted end-users.

If your binders will be roughly treated on a frequent basis, say as a technical manual in a shop setting, then a poly binder might be your best bet.  Poly binders are highly durable, simple in construction, and very economical.  However, your choice of decoration is limited to screen printing or foil stamping, often done in only one or two colors.  Narrow decorating options don’t necessarily allow for the most inspiring graphics.

If the end user of your binders will be your company’s highly valued customer base, you’ll want to choose a binder that will make an excellent impression, both in quality and message.  If your binder must be built to impress, one binder style you might choose is the turned edge binder.

Turned edge binders offer you the chance to use a complete pallet of decoration options.  You can create eye-popping graphics, on both the outside and inside of the covers.   Turned edge binders can display full color, full coverage, full bleed graphic and photographic images.

In addition, your choice of wrap and liner materials is almost limitless.  From linen cloth to embossed wrap to a huge array of coated, specialized wrap substrates, you have the opportunity to custom design a binder that will enhance and define your company’s corporate image within the marketplace.

Regardless of how your binder will be used, and who will be the end user, your Heinn Chapman rep will be more than happy to show you all of the binder styles, decoration options, and other binder features available.

You’ll be surprised at the design ideas we come up with!