How To Size A Ring Binder

The secret to determining the best size of your custom binder starts with knowing the sheet size and bulk of your contents. It is common to request a 2” binder because of the width of the spine, however in the binder world, a 2” binder will have the capacity to hold 2” of content sheets and have an actual spine size of 2 3/4”.binder-sizing-heinn-chapman

The same will apply to the size of the covers. This same 2” capacity binder for a standard 8 ½ X 11 sheet, including an extra ½” for an index tab, will have an actual cover size of 11 ¼” wide X 11 5/8” tall.

Sound confusing? The simplest solution is to give your Heinn Chapman representative the size of the information you want to present and we’ll make sure you get a custom binder that presents and stores your information in the best possible light.