The History of Heinn Chapman

In 1896 Adolphe Heinn founded The Heinn Company, a manufacturer of the Morehouse loose leaf ledger, loose leaf price books, loose leaf scrap books and loose leaf tariff files. The Heinn Company was the originator of several of the first loose leaf systems, all fully patented. Notable patents include the Stay Open book which prevented books from closing and the Telescopic Back book, which became the dominate price book around the world.


They say it was beer that made Milwaukee famous; we disagree. Though it should be noted that the first building we inhabited, at 326 W. Florida St., was owned by the Pabst family. Even today some of our advertisements are still faintly visible on the building’s fading facade. Since occupying our original building in Walker’s Point for over fifty years, Heinn has found itself in many of the different neighborhoods Milwaukee has to offer, including a building in Riverwest, Thurston Woods, and currently one on the Border of Sherman Park and Glendale.



For over eighty years the company remained exclusively “The Heinn Company” but in the late 80’s  purchased Trend Binder Co., a Texas company, and became Heinn Trend. All manufacturing made its way to Milwaukee and a sales office remained open in Texas for a number of years. Then, by chance in 1991, our owner at the time, Chuck Tuff, met Dave Chapman through an industry association buying group. Ultimately this lead Heinn to acquire Mr. Chapman’s Canadian company in 2007, Charles Chapman LTD, established in 1855. This triggered the name to switch once again to Heinn Chapman. During this time ownership shifted and we were purchased by Tom Ryan, owner of Jonco Industries. This has lead Heinn Chapman to expand capabilities, working with equipment that often exceeds the imagination.


Over the past 120 years Heinn Chapman has evolved from a loose leaf manufacturer into a designer and manufacturer of custom information, product display, and presentation packaging. Custom designed and manufactured kits and boxes have become our specialty. It has always been Heinn’s mission to embrace challenge and we will continue to do so in the years to come!