Custom Presentation Packaging and Kits

Besides allowing for a professional, polished look in business meetings, custom presentation kits can also come in handy when modern technology fails to deliver. In meetings, interviews, and one-on-ones, having a presentation kit on hand is helpful for everyone in the room, serving as a reference point and visual indicator of the subjects being discussed. This is especially useful when dealing with technical issues or slow computers and devices.

And, taking it one step further, customizing a v-grooved presentation kit with company branding and a personalized organization style can truly enhance your message, positioning you as a cutting-edge, sophisticated organization with an eye for detail and order.

Custom Presentation Binders

Across all types of industries, printed training manuals and technical documents are frequently found in binder form; customized binders allow companies to tailor these materials to their exact needs. custom binders for presentations

At Heinn Chapman, we’re proud to create custom, one-stop solutions for printed materials of all kinds. Our expert team can manage all aspects of a project to suit particular company needs. Whether a client requires index tabs, collation, special packaging, or even distribution we can have a reliable solution ready.

Marketing and advertising verticals also rely on custom presentation folders and binders for brand-promotion purposes. The more a brand name is seen, the more it’s recognized within the field. We make standing out easy with custom turnkey binder and presentation solutions, allowing our clients peace of mind that we’ll consider every single detail in the design process. Depending on the type of binder construction chosen, turned edge v-grooved or heat sealed, our customer can choose from decoration techniques such as  foil stamping, debossing, silk screening, digital printing, and 4 color process printing.

Marketing Kits


Knowing your target audience is critical to reaching them. When your marketing kit is done right, using customized materials and presentation features, marketing a new product or attracting new customers becomes that much easier.

When approaching Marketing Kits customers generally supply the materials but if needed we

are always here to help bring your project to life. Once all the materials are decided upon we’ll create a layout that includes assigned spots for all your pieces. Our customers often choose to have their products laid out in custom foam or a custom die cut piece of board. This adds a classy touch and keeps all your products organized in one place.

Kits of any kind can be v grooved and include custom printed foam toppers, PSA pockets, business card holders, and more. Whatever your specific needs, we can meet the challenge.


Sample Boxes and Swatch Kits

If a company needs more than a binder or marketing kit, we can also help customize a swatch kit or sample box. These allow for the easy presentation of swatches, carpets, tiles, and other materials customers or potential business partners may be interested in sampling or viewing.

These sample boards can be protected and professionally presented within Heinn Chapman’s custom presentation boxes, which can be laminated or wrapped with your unique designs or product images. These boxes or fold out binders often include custom foam or custom die cut board to keep your swatches and materials safe.

The Peterson Case — The Executive Binder


To make a real impact, consider opting for the Peterson Case Binder, a Heinn Chapman exclusive product. These high-

end executive binders, docu-boxes, diploma holders, and check presenters are available in hundreds of different colors and multiple materials.

The most durable construction available, the Peterson is guaranteed to last you through many important meetings, representing you and your brand the way you want to be seen. This model combines expanded/supported vinyl for optimal durability with a turned-edge binder cover for executive flair. Custom options include padded covers, stitched perimeters, silk screenings, foil stampings, and card holders. And if clients are looking for something very unusual or specific, we can handle that too.

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We offer personalized touches for all of our custom presentation binders, folders, kits, and boxes, allowing clients to achieve the professional, modern appearance they need to stand out from the competition.

To learn more or discuss options for your specific branding needs, contact the team today for a custom quote.