2023 Renovation – Baileys

Presentation Boxes

Bailey's Irish Cream Custom Gift Box

This unique box, designed to hold and progressively present a selection of gifts was created specifically for Bailey's to launch and present a lite version of their Irish cream drink to select customers. The perforated card stock covers on both trays reveal a branded gift to be opened progressively for one week.


  • Clam shell construction with two turned edge trays attached with two reinforced hinge strips. The two trays hold die cut tray inserts with divider sections. Offset printed outer wrap on 98pt v-grooved chipboard
  • Magnet closure on open end to create a secure closure to the front edge of the tray
  • Perforated, printed card stock panels reveal gifts inserted into dividers


  • The wrap and interior tray covers feature 4CP printing with a low scuff matte polypropylene laminate for a smooth and durable finish

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