The Easel Binder: A Perfect Solution for Your Business

When delivering auxiliary information during a presentation, easel binders are a timeless choice for reliable and seamless distribution of your materials. A clear and concise delivery method for your information, easel binders enhance presentations and drive home the importance of your words.

Heinn Chapman offers customizable easel binders, styled to fit your presentation needs. With styles available in flip chart or presentation, there’s no shortage of options for your professional delivery.

Does the Easel Binder Fit Your Needs?

Are you looking to capture the attention of your audience? If so, an easel binder is an excellent choice to seamlessly convey a variety of ideas and content. Some of the most common ways people use our binders include:

  • Infographics
  • Charts and graphs
  • Logos
  • Illustrations and drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Photos
  • Informational bullet points
  • Lesson plans
  • Cookbook recipes and photos

Easel binders are the ultimate enhancement to any presentation. Deliver visual information with professional elegance, connecting with visual learners in your audience to present information in a different way that enables quality, multi-faceted communication. There are no technological malfunctions to worry about. An easel binder is easy to use and adjust while you are presenting, while compact enough to carry anywhere.

Vertical display binders are easy for your audience to see, while the binder flip chart style helps you quickly move through informational panels as needed. Present the physical imagery that accompanies your presentation using a more tangible method than a screen. Easel binders allow you to easily read information while interacting with your audience. They’re easy to transport, set up, and pack away – you’ll never have to worry about whether your laptop is charged or struggle to connect it with unfamiliar audio and visual equipment.

Flipchart vs Presentation: Making the Right Choice for Your Content

At Heinn Chapman we want to make sure the product fits your content. Whether you’re putting together your own cookbook, training someone on a new technique, or showcasing products, easel binders are an excellent option. But what style of easel fits your needs: flip chart or presentation?

Flip chart binders are ideal for showcasing products. They offer a hands-free way to display products and give you the opportunity to read and interact with your audience. They are also more inviting than your average sales book so customers are more likely to flip through them. Flip charts are also handy when you don’t have a lot of space to convey your ideas

Presentation binders are essentially our classic binder with a crease in the center to allow for content to be read at an angle in a hands-free capacity. Our customers often use the presentation easel binders as instructional books for cooking or lesson plans, but they’re also great for displaying content in showrooms.  It’s far easier to view, read, and understand instructions when the book is standing by itself.

What Can Heinn Chapman Do for You and Your Business?

Heinn Chapman offers an extensive selection of custom display binder options. Present a professional image with your company logo or signature printed or stamped directly on your easel binders.

Easel binders can be made using a variety of materials, such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Cloth
  • Specialty paper
  • Full-color printed paper
  • Synthetic or natural leather

Construction options include:

  • Heat-sealed for a clean-seamed, leak-proof finish
  • Litho-printed turned edge


Ensure your presentation material is delivered professionally with custom easel binder solutions from Heinn Chapman. Stand apart from the crowd – place your order today! To learn more about our easel binders or other solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.