The Role of Packaging in Marketing: Custom Binders and More

Any company or organization that wants to put its best foot forward when presenting itself to potential customers, clients, or investors must carefully consider the role of information packaging in internal and external marketing efforts. Rather than using plain binders, think of the binder itself as part of the marketing opportunity for the information you want to deliver to your target audience.

If you focus only on the information contained inside the binder, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to also convey vital information through the packaging itself. Putting together a complete package of branded professional materials is a simple, yet highly effective way to present your company or organization in the best possible light.

Custom Binders vs Store-Bought Binders

Consider this common scenario: A company spends many hours perfecting a business proposal for an investor or prospective client, complete with professional writing and high-impact graphic design. Now it is time to assemble multiple copies of the final product. Someone is sent out to the nearest office supply store to pick up binders. Even though you can slip your own printed sheets into the outside pockets to serve as front and back covers, it becomes evident that the assembled store-bought binders are merely fine—but not great. Now it’s too late to completely overhaul the project, so you settle for fine.

Store-bought binders may get the job done, but they simply don’t look as professional as custom binders, nor do they properly showcase your brand. Even if you choose to spend more on higher-end store binders, they still won’t rival the highly polished and professional image that comes with having your own branded custom three-ring binders.

For a professional look that features your brand while presenting information clearly and concisely, you’ll need a custom binder. At Heinn Chapman, we offer a wide range of custom binder and information packaging solutions to suit your needs, such as: 


Custom Sample Boxes and Binders: V-Grooving

V-Grooving is a unique cutting technology that results in a high-quality look and feel for your custom binders that is similar to a book cover. Our V-Groove technology cuts away v-shaped pieces of paperboard that are then folded over into a true 90-degree angle for the cleanest, sharpest look possible.

V-Grooved sample boxes and binders are fully customizable using turned-edge methods that allow full-color graphics to be printed onto the cover. The cover material is turned over the edge of the paperboard – which is where the term “turned edge” comes from – so there are no breaks or seams to interrupt the graphic design. The artwork fully wraps around the cover edges for an automatic full bleed. The final result is an appealing look similar to a handcrafted hard-cover book—and your clients will notice.

Versatility in Custom Binders: The Heinn Chapman Advantage

At Heinn Chapman, our custom binders can be fabricated in a wide range of sizes, usually without additional tooling. In addition, we offer the following ring systems – ranging in size depending on the ring chosen from as small as 1/2" to as large as 5" – to suit the needs of any application:

  • Round-Ring
  • Straight D-Ring
  • QuickLoad D-Ring
  • Slant-D-Ring
  • EZD Ring

Our custom cover options are also quite flexible. We can use traditional book cloth, bonded leather, and many modern materials in a wide array of colors and textures to help you achieve either a traditional or innovative look depending on your branding needs.

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Heinn Chapman have been honing our craft for more than 160 years. If the hundreds of standard products in our catalog don’t work for you, our team of experts is prepared to create a unique custom information packaging solution to suit your needs. Our custom manufacturing capabilities are nearly unlimited, and no project is too big or too small.

As a specialty manufacturer and leading designer of custom turned edge, loose-leaf, sewn, heat-sealed, and presentation packaging products, we have the capability to help your company make an unforgettable impression with your customers. Please contact us to see how we can help you with custom binders or other custom information packaging solutions.