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Nearly anything you can imagine, we can make …

Custom fabrication of unique items is quickly becoming our specialty. Did you know that we custom fabricate all kinds of “difficult-to-source” products for our customers? Nearly anything you can imagine, we can make. Companies come to Heinn Chapman when they can’t find anyone else to make an impossible product for them. Check out these ideas.

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  • Custom Sales Kit: Saw Blade

    Can you make this? This is a question we receive almost every day. A quick description usually including either an unusual size requirement, custom decoration technique, or the need to hold a bunch […] Read More

  • phone button novelty foot stool

    Push Button Foot Stool

    Custom Project Brought to Life We looked everywhere to find someone who could make the footstools we envisioned. Finally, we found Heinn Chapman. One of our clients needed several giant telephone push button […] Read More

  • custom binder

    Kensington Box

    Custom Fabricated Display Box Hi-impact display projects can be efficiently produced under one roof Here’s an example of a spectacular custom-fabricated display box for Kensington. The box was quickly and efficiently manufactured using […] Read More

  • Rounded Corner Sample Display Box

    Professional Sample Box They asked us to do the impossible… and we delivered. A rounded corner sample display box? Why not – yes, we can make that happen. Rounded corners on a box […] Read More