V-Grooving at Heinn Chapman

V-Grooving Binders and Boxes

V-Grooving, or V-Cut, board gives you a true 90 degree angle on all edges of your product. Where we would usually use  a live hinge, which involves placing boards down with 1/4" in between and wrapping, we now have a v cut hinge.


The process of V-Grooving cuts away a v shaped piece of material where the hinge would be, allowing the board to fold over 90 degrees. This gives a clean and sharp look to all of our turned edge binders as well as seamless edges on all of our boxes and their hinged lids. This look will set you apart from the crowd and comes standard on all of our casemade products! Check out the video below to get a better understanding of how the technology works.




Let us help you create and customize a V-Grooved binder or box today!