Digital Foil Stamping and Traditional Foil Stamping

Traditional Foil Stamping and Digital Foil Stamping

Often used in combination with our debossing capability, Heinn Chapman also offers Traditional Foil stamping and Digital Foil Stamping. In order to obtain the crispest lines we primarliy use copper dies on all of our orders unless otherwise specified. Our press sizes range from a 1-ton stamping press to as large as a 100-ton. Foil stamping has the abilty to bring your packaging to life like no other decoration process can. Customers can choose from hundreds of different foils ranging from matte to glossy to ensure we find the right one for the project. 

For all quantites we will generally use traditional foil stamping but when a customer requires several different titles added to their products we can offer Digital Foil Stamping as a cost effective solution. This eliminates the need to order multiple dies and is great for small run projects. For example, when a customer needs individual conference portfolios or even diploma holders.

As a full-service provider of custom presentation products, we are here to assist with any aspect of product engineering, design, or manufacture. Foil Stamping can be combined with any or all of our other production capabilities, such as screen printing, debossing, and many others to provide you with an end-to-end solution that exhibits the highest caliber of quality. We are set up to handle orders of any volume, from prototype to high volume.